What a day to remember, the summer solstice of the 21st of June when the sunny months open up. Summer has always had the reputation of abundance, energy, seizing the moment, getting out, celebrations, the great outdoors, and staying up late… The time to expand your world, your mind and try new things, connecting with nature and the world. We travel, we exchange, we share. It is the traditional period of holidays of which the climate is optimal to feel alive.

Fire and the colour of red are the order of this season. The heart represents this season. Without the heart, life ceases to exist.
In the summer, take care of your heart, take it easy on your body and feed your mind.

For the bedroom, of course avoiding red, I went for the colour of wheat ready for the harvest.

My tip
Sink your bare feed into the garden. Let your soles connect yourself to the soul of nature through the roots of the soft grass and collect some fruits from the orchard.

It has a shower and toilet, air conditioning, TV, coffee machine and hair dryer.
Aera 18 m2

Bike room with possibility of cleaning and repair.

Summer kitchen available in the garden with drinks menu


« You must cultivate your land. » Voltaire.

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