Breakfast in the garden of secrets ... is not a secret...
We should rather talk about generosity, variety, curiosities.
Evelyne cuts herself to the bone to satisfy your senses, the perfumes, the colors, the sight...
From the smell of home-made pastries in the oven, to the scent of our local cheeses, your mouth will water, or so Evelyne hopes.
To please you, to make you happy.
To share around a table quality products of the craftsmen of the region.
To see you discuss between hosts in all conviviality.
The greed is there with varied breads, a buffet to lick your lips. Sweet and savory, homemade yogurt, coffee signed Delahaut, teas from Fossé fleuri or from Thetower.
But we have to leave some surprises, not to reveal everything.
Be curious ... Come and have a brownie in the garden of secrets.

You think you'll arrive late...
You don't want to go out again.
You are tired.

No matter, the garden, the terraces, the dining room can welcome you.

There are many Take away in Namur :

Some restaurants also deliver.
The closest are :
Le chemin de cèdre Lebanese restaurant :
Pinsa romana : Pizzeria :
La dolce vita Italian restaurant :

I propose you the plate, the place setting, the glass for an amount of 2,5 euros per person.
The only condition is that you consume the proposed drinks.
Thank you to warn me of this choice if you can.

The Jardin des Secrets offers a menu of local drinks.

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