The days get shorter rather quickly, the changing of the palette of nature always amazes us before they leave their nesting place with the fruits.
In full nature, Autumn is the time of separation that comes before the beginning of a new life. Therefore, you must accept to undo the past cycle and everything unused from it.
It makes perfect sense to reflect on the year past. Autumn helps us to take a break to thank life for what it harvested for us in terms of experiences, thoughts and memories. I feel a scent of nostalgia in the air.

Metal is strongly associated with Autumn and when metal burns strongly, it becomes white. With all this energy that Autumn brings, organisation, order and control comes into play.

The great organ of the season is the lung.

My tip
Start to slow down. The season of hibernation is fast approaching.
Without negating the abundance of energy, it is important to save. Save all that joy, spontaneousness, optimism and lightness will ask you a little bit of effort.

Remember to extend your sleeping time.

Aera 20 m2

Bike room with possibility of cleaning and repair.

Summer kitchen available in the garden with drinks menu


« You must cultivate your land. » Voltaire.

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