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Secrets and gardens

Many stories have a tale to be told: Gardens are a place of secrets. They think and whisper without causing any disturbance in their surroundings.

Maybe it is the gold buried deep beneath, down there, near the old coach house…
Maybe. The secrets are concealed under the trees, on a bench in a daydream, a kiss, a conversation, leaving memories and poetry in the air of the branches.
Memories have the distinction of never being linked to the places where the gardens are invisible fortresses. They sometimes offer this silent inspiration for some worms, a sculpture, a painting, some contemplation.

The secrets have their gardens, as not everything can be made, created, or done anywhere. Space separates places by its mind. Some spaces, like some lights, have their source of genius. The spirit of the place makes you feel. It invites. It breathes. It wraps and soothes. It makes you smile with ease and charges the relation of time. Space expands, but the stars approach.

We stroll in the gardens, we rest ourselves, we reconnect with the elements, we discuss and we reflect. The universe is so vast, yet keeps such a low profile, and for that, we plant, trim and gather the mysteries of life. Each season transforms the garden and passes the secrets onto the next.

"Le Jardin des Secrets" is a temple of peace where you are happy to return as another person.



By car: Easy to get to, Le Jardin des Secrets is near Pont de Jambes and Parc de la plante, near the historical centre of Namur and its restaurants, shops and museums.

By foot: The house is only 20 minutes walking distance to the city centre and 2.5 km from the Jambes Train Station, Namur citadel and the ancient Saint-Aubin cathedral. .
Leave the house and 550 metre later, you are already at the banks of the Meuse river.
How to get here:
Only 1 hour from Bruxelles, 1.5 hours from Luxembourg, 45 min from Charleroi, 50 min from Liege and 2.20 hours from Utrecht.

To get there: From Grognon in the Namur city centre, take the direction of Dinant, pass the Grand Casino de Namur on your right and follow the same road for another 1.2 km (0.75 miles) and you will see your destination on your left.

Park anywhere on the right hand side and ring the bell so that I can come and open the entrance.
Please take care and watch out for animals and children that may be present in the grounds.


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Contact information

Evelyne Vaernewyck

131 Chaussée de Dinant
Namur 5000

phone: +32 (0)81 43 44 95
mobile: +32 (0)471 83 58 22



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Bus stop

Bus Line 3 - destination La Plante (20 minutes from the train station)
Bus Line 4 destination Mont-Godinne
Bus Line 30 destination Bois-de-Villers.
Stop name: Le marronnier


If needed, it is also possible to pick you up from the train station in Namur or Jambes. Please contact us in advance to make the necessary arrangements.

Bienvenue Vélo

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Payment and reservations

Credit card, Transfer, Cash.
Tourist tax: €1.25 per guest and per night.

Arrival time - Departure time

5 p.m. / 11:30 a.m.

thank you for your understanding

« You must cultivate your land. » Voltaire.

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