Overlooking the garden, this is the perfect resting place to let your ideas wander.

Nature spreads its wings, stretches and makes itself visible again. The plants bud and flower, the birds go back down south. The energy of renewal is perfect to start new projects, and plant your seeds for the future. Everything is here to savour the present moment and renew everything that must be. The birds represent the messengers of the gods, bringing inspiration and joy to living beings.

The associated element is wood. It represents massive energy and activation of movements. The colour that reflects the energy of the wood is green, the colour of hope and renewal which is mirrored in this bedroom.

The liver represents spring. It is of course the organ that acts before any action, creation or exteriorisation. The liver is also heavily influenced by the gut, hense that “gut decision”. You could say that the liver is your army and the gut is its general in chief.

This bedroom also has a bathroom with a bath.

My tip
Get into the green and open the windows wide open.

Aera 20 m2

Bike room with possibility of cleaning and repair.

Summer kitchen available in the garden with drinks menu


« You must cultivate your land. » Voltaire.

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