The galleries are not the only place to meet artists and see their works.
Le Jardin des Secrets is also open to art. Admire paintings and sculptures from artists on the rise. There are often temporary galleries set up here.
Contact us and find out how you can see some of the great works that pass through here. You have the possibility to even buy exposed works here.
Passion for art is included in your stay here. Feel at home and enjoy masterpieces without the need to go far..
If any of your friends wish to expose in this majestic setting, ask them to come have a look.

Nous participons à ce bel événement

Chambres avec Vues

Valérie Vandevondel - Peintre & Hervé Hoffman - Sculpteur

131 Chaussée de Dinant - 5000 Namur - Belgique

chambre avec vues 2020


« You must cultivate your land. » Voltaire.

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